Cover – Editor’s Choice: National Homes – Dec/Jan2016

Cover - Editor's Choice: National Homes - Dec/Jan2016

National Homes is all about listening closely to their customers and designing homes that fit their expectations. Before the designers at National put pencil to paper, they ask questions, a lot of questions – of their customers, focus groups, and themselves. Then they design their homes from the inside out, ensuring that the homes they create fit the expectations of the people who will live in them.

Model Home: Heritage Gate by Dunpar Homes – Dec/Jan2016

Model Home: Heritage Gate by Dunpar Homes - Dec/Jan2016

Dunpar Homes is expanding its portfolio of luxury townhomes characterized by quality engineering, craftsmanship and timeless design to Mississauga. The Heritage Gate master-planned community and the new stylish model home exude the quality, luxury and sophistication that Dunpar Homes is known for.

Add A Pop Of Colour – Dec/Jan2016

Add A Pop Of Colour - Dec/Jan2016

Monochromatic colour schemes have been consistently popular with designers and homeowners, alike. There’s a soothing and timeless quality to this decorating style, but it can lack personality. It does, however, provide a great base from which to work – and it’s always advisable to start with the basics.