Cover – Editor’s Choice: Fernbrook Homes – Dec/Jan2015

Cover - Editor's Choice: Fernbrook Homes - Dec/Jan2015

All across the GTA, when discerning homebuyers want to explore the region’s finest prestige communities, the first builder that comes to mind is Fernbrook Homes. With two spectacular luxury home communities now open at Oakville’s most in-demand locations, there has never been a better opportunity to experience truly sophisticated community living anywhere in the GTA.

In Oakville’s popular Uptown Core neighbourhood, Seven Oaks is a stunning master-planned community of remarkable opulence and distinction. This is a distinguished community of all-detached homes on architecturally controlled landscaped streets, prescents and cul-de-sacs. Every square foot of this community radiates an atmosphere of bounded exclusivity, creating what is without a doubt Uptown Oakville’s highest achievement in luxury community design.

In Conversation With… Paul Golini, Jr. -Dec/Jan2015

In Conversation With... Paul Golini, Jr. -Dec/Jan2015

Meeting with Paul Golini, Jr. is always a lesson in the finer things in life; conversations often turn to fine wine and food, gourmet shopping, arts and culture and Italian sports cars. It all seems the more fitting since Golini himself epitomizes the good life while also being self-deprecating, able to laugh heartily at himself and his jokes.

Most of us like people who can chuckle at themselves, and Golini, the executive vice president and co-founder of Empire Communities, is certainly one of those people. But don’t let his finely crafted Italian shoes, exquisitely tailored suits and flashy sports car (a very green Tesla) fool you; he’s a formidable businessman with his eye on the ball and he’s certainly one of the many reasons that Empire Communities is such a great success story.

Home Design Rejuvenate Your Home On A Budget – Dec/Jan2015

Home Design Rejuvenate Your Home On A Budget - Dec/Jan2015

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to gut and renovate a dated home? Well, maybe all your home needs is some carefully thought out rejuvenating. Your budget will probably be limited but there are other considerations that factor into the equation.

“Consider how long you are planning to stay in the home as this will be an important factor on determining a proper budget,” suggests Mark Jackson of Jackson & Associates, a Renovantage Certified Contractor and a member of RenoMark, suggests. “Even If you don’t have long-term plans for staying in the home, you should think in terms of ‘a makeover’ you enjoy today that could be a selling feature when you list your home tomorrow. Rejuvenating has a value even if it simply makes the home cleaner and tidier.”